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  • Mindset

    The Importance of Telling Your Story

    Have you ever realized how sharing your life purpose and telling your story always seem to go hand in hand? Your story is what brought you to where you are at…

  • Mindset


    Authenticity – a word that now holds so much value to me in this stage of my life. As I fully come into my own truth, as I live my life…

  • Mindset

    Why I’m A Life Coach

    [column grid=”10″ offset=”1″] If you’ve read my About Me page then you know all the ups and downs I’ve been through in the past three years. After two cross country moves (at…

  • Mindset

    Feel Your Way Through It

    Bad days happen. They just do. Even if we’ve got our super positive Law of Attraction thinking cap on and we’ve been manifesting and looking for the good in everything, there…

  • Mindset

    I’m Introverted and I Know It

    [column grid=”10″ offset=”1″] Throughout a good portion of my life, I tried being someone who I wasn’t. I didn’t realize at the time that I was trying to be someone else.…