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Why Being Scared to Relocate Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Why being scared to relocate isn't such a bad thing | ChelseaDinen.com

So, you’re pretty scared to relocate and move to a new city, huh?

Rightfully so. I get that.

The truth is, the fear never goes away. I’ve moved cross country five times and each time I started to think about moving again, I still got scared. But I still moved. And it was beyond worthwhile.

My online course, Soul-Centered Moving, walks you through every step of the process, or you can get my free workshop on manifesting your dream life in your dream city. Here are a couple helpful tips: 

The more often you do something despite the fear you feel, the more courageous you become and the more you prove to yourself over and over how strong, how bold, how capable you truly are.

Fear makes you stronger.

Because, if despite your fear you continue on, you’re building courage. You’re becoming more and more tenacious. You’re proving to yourself how strong and bold and daring you are.

And so the next time you decide to go after an even bigger dream, sure, you’ll still be scared. The fear will still set in. But this time, you’ll know deep in your soul just how capable and brave you are.

That’s when the fear starts to fade away.

Your tenacity and strong-will take the reins.

And you conquer that mountain.

And the one after that…

And the one after that.

Fear makes you stronger | ChelseaDinen.com


Years later, you’ll look back at that time in your life. That time when you made your biggest dreams a reality. The fear will be nothing more than an after thought. Instead, you’ll remember the way it felt to be on your way along the journey of your dreams.

After all, life is about the journey. Not the destination. Right? :)

Looking back right now, I can remember being nervous and scared about the “what ifs” but the honest truth is, the way it felt to drive across the country, to settle into my new home, to make memories in my new city… those are the things I remember most vividly. And if it wasn’t for having the courage to work through the fear and take the reins, none of those things would have happened. I wouldn’t be typing this post today. Because I wouldn’t have worked through the fear and I wouldn’t have moved.

There will always be something to be afraid of. If it’s not moving cross country on your own, maybe then you’ll live your whole life scared that you made the wrong choice to stay. You’ll never know unless you go. And if you do work through the fear and you move, the next time you become afraid of something, you’ll be able to look that fear square in the eye, knowing what you’re capable of.

The fear fades once you take the leap. But it never completely disappears. You just become stronger. (Check out my YouTube video on being afraid to fail.)

So, to answer the question, “Why is being scared to relocate not such a bad thing after all?”

Because you end up learning how strong you really are.

And that’s when the world becomes your oyster.

Moving cross country alone taught me more about how independent, strong, and capable I am than any other experience which is (one of the many reasons) why I highly encourage so many women who feel the call to move, to do it.

The hardest part is just taking that leap.

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