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My 2018 Journal Collection (and Flip-Through)

As a writer, journals, notebooks, and planners are part of my daily life. In this post, I’m taking you through my  journal collection for 2018! I’ll also be showing you the notebook system I had in 2017, what worked, and what didn’t.

My 2018 Journal Collection | ChelseaDinen.com

I use my notebooks for a couple different purposes:

  1. To journal: I’m sure this comes as no surprise to you that journaling is one of my biggest passions and something I do each day during my morning routine.
  2. To take notes: I love taking notes from books that I’m reading or any online courses I may be taking at the time. It’s great to have one notebook to jot down notes from podcasts, TED talks, workshops, etc.
  3. To plan out content: As a writer and video creator, ideas are constantly flowing into (and out of) my mind! I need a place to store them all and organize everything throughout the business year.

In my video, I dive into exactly how I plan to use each notebook for each of the above needs. I’m also giving you a peek into the notebooks, journal, and planner I used in 2017 during a little flip-through.

I’d love to hear what your current notebook/journal setup looks like for 2018! Hop over to the video to see my journal collection and leave a comment by clicking here!

Whichever format you decide on for 2018, I hope it brings you clarity and productivity this year.

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Gratitude Journal Template | ChelseaDinen.com

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