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Dealing with Homesickness | ChelseaDinen.com
Grief + Loss Moving

Dealing with Homesickness

Do I ever get homesick? The quick answer is no. Not really. The first time I moved away from home (aside from college) was just after my 24th birthday. I moved over 2,000 miles away to a city where…

Opening up about where I find my motivation | ChelseaDinen.com
Grief + Loss

Opening Up About Where I Find My Motivation

I’m often asked the question, “How do you stay motivated?” and, to be honest, it’s not something I think about often because my motivation comes from a place so deeply ingrained into my life. Today is an important day…

How loss can be the catalyst for lasting change | ChelseaDinen.com
Grief + Loss

How Loss Can Be the Catalyst for Lasting Change

I’m sitting here listening to a song called “By Night” by Sophie Hutchings. And it has cracked open my soul. Tears filled my eyes. I looked up. Deeply grateful for life. Its gifts, its losses, its lessons. As the…

Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven | Chelsea Dinen
Grief + Loss

Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven – 2015

Another year, another birthday without Mom. Today marks the fourth birthday of hers since she passed away. I can’t believe all the time that has gone by, yet the shock that she is really gone still remains. I’ve written…

3 Years Without Mom | Chelsea Dinen
Grief + Loss

Three Years Without Mom

  February 22nd, we meet again. Three years ago, this was the day that my mom was taken and life changed forever. Being without her has altered every single step I’ve taken, decision I’ve made, and goal I’ve set…

Grief + Loss

Christmas in Heaven – What Do They Do

Whether it’s your mom, another family member, or a dear friend, Christmas (“the most wonderful time of the year”) can often be the most painful time of year when someone important in your life has passed away. It’s a…

Grief + Loss

Getting through Christmas without Mom | 2014 Vlog

It’s not easy. When your mom passes away, everything changes. And getting through the holidays, a time that is spent celebrating with family, can be especially heart-breaking. This is my third Christmas without my mom. I wanted to sit…

Grief + Loss

A Spirited Christmas 2014

Oh, the holidays. As you may know by now, the holidays have been tough for me since my mom passed away. I decided to do something a little different this year. Starting today, December 1st through Christmas Day, I…