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My First Activewear Haul | ChelseaDinen.com
Health & Wellness

My First Activewear Haul | Fitness Fashion

If you follow me over on Instagram or Snapchat (ChelseaDinen) then you know about the new health/wellness goals I’ve set for myself, including a bit of a lifestyle change. Over the past few months, this has really started to…

My favorite nighttime beauty products | ChelseaDinen.com
Health & Wellness

My Favorite Nighttime Beauty Products

I love finding new beauty products to add to my daily routine. After trying many facial cleansers, night creams, toners, etc. I finally found a nighttime beauty regimen that I love and that has yielded amazing results for my…

Health & Wellness

Listening to Our Bodies

Ultimately, it is our own human responsibility to tend to the garden that is our body. It is our responsibility and choice to nurture our body. Care for it. Nourish it. Keep it rested and healthy. It is so…