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Encouragement for the Independent Women of the World

Encouragement for Independent Women | ChelseaDinen.com

Today’s message is one of empowerment and encouragement for independent women.

It’s a message that I think needs to be said.

We need to change the dialogue of what it means to be ‘single’ and turn it away from the often negative message that we are less of a person until we are married or in a relationship and instead empower single and independent women to embrace this powerful, sacred time in their life.

In this video, I talk about:
1. How to re-frame our minds to stop waiting and start doing, all on our own.
2. One of the big, intimidating things I did this year by myself.
3. Why this is such a unique time to be single and what to do about it.

Or watch this video directly on YouTube here!

The most important thing is to not just watch this video, have a few ah-ha moments, and then just continue going about your day… only to forget about those ah-ha moments by tomorrow.

Start honoring yourself now. Leave a comment declaring just one thing you’re going to do for yourself as an independent woman. What have you put off for too long?


Leave a comment declaring one thing you are proud of yourself for doing all on your own!

Lastly, spread the encouragement by sharing this video or any of the below images through your social network. As I said before, it’s time to change the dialogue about being single. Being independent is a strength and the more women who can embrace this beautiful period of their life, the better :)

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