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Feel Your Way Through It

Feel Your Way Through It

Bad days happen. They just do. Even if we’ve got our super positive Law of Attraction thinking cap on and we’ve been manifesting and looking for the good in everything, there are days that just flat out suck. Maybe a series of events have all unleashed themselves simultaneously and you are left feeling overwhelmed and distraught. Or maybe a series of events have NOT happened to you and you’re left with doubt and fear and an overall feeling of, “What the hell am I doing with my life?”

And so the bad day hits you like a ton of bricks. Or a freight train perhaps. It hits hard. Your feet go out from under you. And as you lie there, the idea of getting back up just seems to be too much.

This is the reality of falling nine times and getting up ten. More often than not, you don’t just spring back up off the floor like it never happened. No. Your body aches. You’re exhausted. You’re burned out. Bummed out. Left out. You’ve had enough.

There comes a time during this bad day that you start to think about what you should be doing or perhaps friends or loved ones offer their advice by telling you “Everything will work out” or “Tomorrow will be a better day” and while those things are thankfully SO true, when you’re in that moment, you still don’t believe them. And that’s okay. Remember, we don’t always just spring right back.

So, when a bad day does unfortunately end up knocking you off your feet, here’s what I recommend for a change:

Feel your way through it.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re going through that day. I fully believe in getting those toxins out of your body. Purge those negative vibes. Detox the stress, fear, sadness, frustration, disappointment from your heart and soul. While it’s important that you don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in those feelings for days on end, it’s also important to organically feel your way out. Cry, sigh, give yourself permission to do nothing all day other than lounge on the couch or get some solo beach time in to just be. What ever you need to just get it all out… do that.

The truth is, those feelings are probably coming up for a reason. Have you been putting too much pressure on yourself? Have you been neglecting your body by eating unhealthy and not getting plenty of sleep? Have you been focusing too much time and energy on emotional vampires? It’s often through these bad days that we realize what needs to change. We realize enough is enough and instead of heading right back in to where we left off, we consciously choose differently this time. It could be something as small as a slight shift in perspective the next day.

The point is that those feelings come up to teach us something. So, instead of dismissing them right away or brushing them under the rug, feel through them.

And remember, like something I once heard…

It’s the fear of facing the things we have to face to heal the wounds in order to be free.

Mmm, let that sink in for a moment. Don’t be afraid to face your feelings. They’re there for a reason. Can you relate? Sound off in the comments below!

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