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Healing Through Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Over the weekend, I attended the Natural Living Expo in the DC area. I went into the expo, open-minded, excited… but very energetically blocked. Mercury Retrograde had started the day before, leaving me feeling disconnected and a bit haywire – emotionally and mentally at least. (My fuchsia lipstick and new Southwest ankle boots had me feeling good physical vibes though. So there’s that!)

Add in hundreds of people in a rather small spaces as far as tradeshows go, plus the fact that I’m a very claustrophobic introvert, and all the positive vibes I did have were fleeing my body by the minute. I needed to re-charge, pronto. After walking around to scope out the place, I headed into my first workshop of the day: Past Life Regression.

Yes, I believe in past lives and I believe we are all able to connect to our past lives through deep meditation and lots of practice. I have done past life regression before but this was my first time in a group setting so I remained open-minded.

The teacher explained to us that re-visiting these past lives is a way for us to heal. Things we struggle with in this life now are due in part to things we went through in a previous life. We have the opportunity to go back and re-visit what it is we went through to better understand why we’re going through what we are today. This can be anything from poor eating habits, to feelings of depression, fear of commitment, or constant lack of fulfillment. She asked that we set an intention of the issue we’re currently going through that we’d like to more fully understand to help us heal.

I set this intention, closed my eyes, and released any tension as she began to take us through this journey. Once I arrived in my past life, I recognized this place right away. It’s where I was taken during my first past life regression. We have something called “soul memory” which is a memory from another lifetime and we’re able to access that at any time.  As she asked us to become aware of our surroundings, our shoes, the color of our skin, the terrain, who we were with – I knew it all so well. I was actually with my current Spirit Animal and as I explored the area in the visualization, this place I had once lived, the answers I needed flooded through me. I saw and felt and knew what had happened that has triggered this thing I’m dealing with now in this life.

This might all sound crazy to some, and it’s still a bit tough for me to grasp entirely, but the more I study and experience this practice of past life regression, and spirit guides, etc. the more it all makes sense. At the beginning of the workshop, we were asked if we could remember a time when we didn’t exist. Can you? Can you actually recall a time when you were not in existence and explain what that felt like? Probably not. And that’s because our souls have always existed. It’s with this same soul we have now that we lived in a past life, although in a different body and in a different time.

So, each time we journey back into a past life, we can learn. There are little bits and pieces that we can pick up on when we’re in-tune that allow us to gain greater insight into why we are who we are today. Why we have certain interests, dreams, struggles, etc. and we are able to move past the certain blocks by healing through past life regression.

It’s about opening our consciousness to more than what we can just see. There’s so much more out there to experience and learn from. It felt so wonderful to sit there in a room with a hundred other people as we all journeyed to a previous life. Each person experienced something entirely different because we’ve all lived different lives. But there’s also something deeply connected about that. That all of us in that space at that time were willing to do something a little bit different and a little bit awkward at first to help ourselves expand and grow and learn.

If you have something you’re going through and haven’t quite been able to shake it and heal, I highly recommend past life regression. The first past life regression I did was this guided workshop with Brian Weiss. If you’re curious about this and the healing that can be found by studying your past life, I’d definitely give that a try. Stay open and go with what ever comes to you. If you have any questions, let me know!

There are a few other experiences from this Expo I attended that I can’t wait to share. Check back soon and sign up for my email list for updates!

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