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Listen To Your Intuition. Even When It Surprises You

Listen to your intuition | ChelseaDinen.com

Listening to your intuition even when it surprises you. In the past several months, I’ve had some ideas and hopes and plans for certain things. They were things that felt right and left me feeling excited. As I further pursued them, I was surprised at what my gut started to tell me.

While I don’t believe that anything will ever be perfect and that there is truly no such thing as “perfect timing,” I do believe that things will naturally start to align themselves when we are walking our true path. You may be wondering what I mean when I say “true path.” I talk a lot about living in alignment with your truth and that’s exactly what I mean here.

When you’re walking your true path, you’re consciously living in-tune with your values, your natural gifts, and your life purpose.

And so, when your day-to-day life is filled with things that matter to you, things you’re passionate about, like-minded individuals, and activities that build you instead of break you down, you’re on your true path. You’re living in alignment. You’re doing more than just floating through life. You’re co-creating your life with the Universe’s help.

This is where the importance of listening to your intuition comes in. As we travel through life and try our best to stay connected to our truth in all things that we do (because let’s be honest, why would you want to be connected to anything other than YOUR truth?) we are faced with decisions and forks in the road. Some decisions may be easier than others as one option genuinely appeals to us more. But what about those tough decisions?

Listen to your intuition, even when it surprises you.

There have been times in my life, a major one of them which happened a couple weeks ago, when I expected my life to go in one direction but, thanks to my intuition, I chose another route. That route ended up being better suited for me, my values, my purpose, my path.

When you listen to your intuition and turn toward the path that’s in alignment with your truth, the doors will begin to open.

It’s not about following what you think you’re “supposed” to do in any given moment. It’s about doing what feels right in that moment. And doing away with what doesn’t feel right. Even if it’s not what you had planned.

“Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.”

In other words, have the courage to listen to your intuition. It’s scary. It’s tricky. Because it’s something as small as an inkling, a whisper of a voice. And it takes courage to trust something as small as that. But listening and trusting is what will help get us where we’re meant to go on our path.

Life surprises us. It’s confusing and amazing and full of excitement, nerves, and miracles. Allow it to develop exactly how it’s meant to.

Trust your gut. Trust your intuition.

Had I just followed what I thought I was “supposed” to do at that point, life would have ended up differently. I might have made some unnecessary mistakes or gone off-track for quite a while.

But my intuition whispered. And I listened.

I believe there is something so much greater than us out there. Sometimes we can’t explain the way things work out. The mysterious circumstances. The crazy synchronicities.

Whether we feel strongly pulled in one direction or instead get an overwhelming feeling that doesn’t feel right, we must listen. It might not lead us in the direction we expected at first but I’ve learned that listening to our intuition always, always gets us where we’re meant to go.

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