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Grief + Loss

Opening Up About Where I Find My Motivation

I’m often asked the question, “How do you stay motivated?” and, to be honest, it’s not something I think about often because my motivation comes from a place so deeply ingrained into my life.

Today is an important day for me. Today marks five years since my mom passed away. It’s the day my life changed forever.

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Opening up about where I find my motivation | ChelseaDinen.com

The truth is, we all have a ‘why.’

We all have a story deep within us.

This story is our guiding light through both the good and the bad.

It’s our beacon when we fall off track or lose sight of the path ahead.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of our purpose.

Or, perhaps we’ve yet to really take the time to fully understand our ‘why,’ the driving force behind what we do.

In this video, I share the story behind my own ‘why.’

It’s the most personal video I have ever posted and probably ever will.

It’s a heart-to-heart between me and you.

I hope after watching this video you feel you get a better understanding of who I am, the story that has shaped me, and most importantly, I hope you gain the motivation and inspiration to get clear on your ‘why’ and to perhaps share your story with others.

You can also watch this video directly on YouTube here.

Here’s to living more purposefully and intentionally.

What is your ‘why’? I’d love to hear your story, so please share in the comments below!


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