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The Questions I Ask Before Making Big Decisions

The Questions I Ask Before Making Big Decisions | ChelseaDinen.com

As you could probably tell from my last post, I put a lot of time, energy, thought, and emotion into making big life changes and decisions. Through all of the endless questions one could ask when standing at the crossroads of life, there are two major questions I have found to be the most beneficial. They are the two questions I ask before making big decisions.

These questions are especially helpful in those instances where you find yourself at a fork in the road, having to decide between two options.

You can ask these questions in situations such as:

  • Deciding between two amazing job offers
  • Deciding whether to leave or stay (at a job, in a relationship, in your current city, etc.)
  • Deciding between two cities
  • Deciding whether to start any new endeavor
  • And so much more

It’s short but sweet:

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