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How to Stay True To Yourself After Moving to a New City

How to Stay True to Yourself After Moving to a New City | ChelseaDinen.com

So, you might be a little worried about how to stay true to yourself after moving to a new city.

You want to begin developing new social circles.

Or start to date in your new city.

Or simply just get acclimated to all the changes!

BUT, you also don’t want to lose yourself in the process.

I get it. I’ve been there before and I know how challenging it can be.

They say sometimes we have to get lost in order to find out who we truly are.

We have to break out of our comfort zones.

We have to challenge everything we’ve ever known.

Moving to new cities as often as I have has definitely resulted in me clarifying exactly who I am while remaining open to understanding who I am even better and being that person confidently.

So, I decided to record a video with my pointers and first-hand experience.

In this video, I talk about:
1. My personal advice when it comes to making new friends and adjusting to a new city while staying true to who you are.
2. One of the lifestyle ‘trends’ that’s just not me, no matter what people may think.
3. How I went about making friends/socializing the first time I moved to San Diego and the plusses and minuses.

Or watch this video directly on YouTube here!


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