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5 ways moving cross country alone changed my life | ChelseaDinen.com

5 Ways Moving Cross Country Alone Changed My Life

Having moved coast to coast on my own a total of 5 times, today I’m talking with you about the 5 ways moving cross country alone has changed my life. Don’t get me wrong — moving thousands of miles…

10 Tips for Making Friends in a New City | ChelseaDinen.com

10 Tips for Making Friends in a New City

People often ask me about making friends in a new city. I understand that the fear of having to make a whole new circle of friends is one of the biggest things holding people back from moving, whether for a…

Should You Move To A New City Without A Job | ChelseaDinen.com

Should You Move to A New City Without A Job?

It’s the question I get asked most often: Should you move to a new city without a job? You’ve been dreaming of moving to that new city and you’ve been applying for jobs long distance but nothing is working…


Moving Back to San Diego

In 2012, I moved to San Diego nine months after my mom suddenly passed away. It was something I had talked about, dreamt of, and saved for, for years. After she died, and the numbness began to wear off,…

What to do when you're stressed out about moving | ChelseaDinen.com

What to Do When You’re Stressed Out About Moving

  As I prepare for my own cross country move (the fifth one to be exact!), I’m reminded of the stress and overwhelm that comes along with it. I know how intimidating moving cross country can be, especially when…