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5 ways moving cross country alone changed my life | ChelseaDinen.com

5 Ways Moving Cross Country Alone Changed My Life

Having moved coast to coast on my own a total of 5 times, today I’m talking with you about the 5 ways moving cross country alone has changed my life. Don’t get me wrong — moving thousands of miles…

10 Tips for Making Friends in a New City | ChelseaDinen.com

10 Tips for Making Friends in a New City

People often ask me about making friends in a new city. I understand that the fear of having to make a whole new circle of friends is one of the biggest things holding people back from moving, whether for a…

Why being scared to relocate isn't such a bad thing | ChelseaDinen.com

Why Being Scared to Relocate Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

So, you’re pretty scared to relocate and move to a new city, huh? Rightfully so. I get that. The truth is, the fear never goes away. I’ve moved cross country five times and each time I started to think about…

Personal Development

Living with Uncertainty

The amount of vulnerability that has found its way into my life, staring me straight in the eyes is, well, overwhelming. Being vulnerable is scary. Why? Because of the amount of uncertainty that follows. Think about it. If you…