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Moving Back to San Diego

In 2012, I moved to San Diego nine months after my mom suddenly passed away. It was something I had talked about, dreamt of, and saved for, for years. After she died, and the numbness began to wear off,…

How loss can be the catalyst for lasting change | ChelseaDinen.com
Grief + Loss

How Loss Can Be the Catalyst for Lasting Change

I’m sitting here listening to a song called “By Night” by Sophie Hutchings. And it has cracked open my soul. Tears filled my eyes. I looked up. Deeply grateful for life. Its gifts, its losses, its lessons. As the…

Moving Travel + Wanderlust

8 Tips From My Last Cross Country Move

Update: My eCourse, Soul-Centered Moving: A Spirited Course in Moving Cross Country Alone is now available! In this self-paced course, I go into great detail about ALL facets of moving and divulge many of my personal experiences, step-by-step advice,…

Why I left California | ChelseaDinen.com

Why I Left California

It’s the question I get asked nonstop. “How could you leave San Diego?” And you’ve probably been wondering too. So, it’s time to explain why I left California. Two years ago, I was “living the life” in San Diego. I…