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The Art of Hygge | ChelseaDinen.com
Personal Development

The Art of Hygge

Today, I’m finally introducing you to something that is very important to me; hygge. Hygge is a way of life in Denmark that goes back many, many years. Recently, it’s been making its way around the world as people…

Opening up about where I find my motivation | ChelseaDinen.com
Grief + Loss

Opening Up About Where I Find My Motivation

I’m often asked the question, “How do you stay motivated?” and, to be honest, it’s not something I think about often because my motivation comes from a place so deeply ingrained into my life. Today is an important day…

My First Activewear Haul | ChelseaDinen.com
Health & Wellness

My First Activewear Haul | Fitness Fashion

If you follow me over on Instagram or Snapchat (ChelseaDinen) then you know about the new health/wellness goals I’ve set for myself, including a bit of a lifestyle change. Over the past few months, this has really started to…

10 ways to remove negative energy from your life | ChelseaDinen.com

10 Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Life

The further you dive into your journey in personal development and spirituality, the more you’ll begin to notice the importance of protecting yourself from negative energy. As you become spiritually awakened and in-tune, your sensitivity to energy is bound to…

Minimalism | ChelseaDinen.com
Minimalism + Simple Living

You Have Too Much Stuff

With a new move on the horizon, I have been thinking a lot about “out with the old, in with the new.” Lately, there has been a lot of cleaning out and clearing out in my life. Doing away…

Health & Wellness

Listening to Our Bodies

Ultimately, it is our own human responsibility to tend to the garden that is our body. It is our responsibility and choice to nurture our body. Care for it. Nourish it. Keep it rested and healthy. It is so…