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Take the Wheel and Drive: Lessons Learned from NASCAR

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Take the Wheel and Drive: Life Lessons Learned from NASCAR via chelseadinen.com

Life can sometimes be a repetitive, cyclical, hamster wheel of go, go, go! It’s exhausting and can eventually cause our health to dwindle and our spiritual light to be put out. It’s at that point that we must consciously (and physically!) remove ourselves from that pattern.

I had noticed that I was on that go, go, go wheel for a while and knew I needed something big to shake me out of that cycle and help me re-program. This past weekend was the perfect recipe for that. I made plans to hop out of town and enjoy the sunshine and entertainment of my favorite sporting event [NAS[NASCAR!], wow. It’s amazing how one day can completely re-charge your system, fill your lungs with new air, and re-ignite your own passions.

In NASCAR, it is vital to take timely pit stops – to re-fuel, make adjustments, and one of the most important – to get new tires. Life is certainly the same way. Going to that race was my “pit stop” if you will. It was just one day, but in that time, I was sure to re-fuel to keep myself from entirely shutting down. After my busy go, go, go cycle, I took a break to replace my old, worn down tires with fresh tires that would give me grip, speed, and keep me safe from a burn-out. I took one day to pamper myself with something I so fully enjoyed. I could feel the weight of those old tires holding me back just fall from my soul and be replaced with joy and thrill and a renewed sense of purpose.

And I think that’s what hit me the most: my renewed sense of purpose.

I had been plugging away so intently for so long that I had lost that fire in my heart. The fire that screams, “THIS is what it feels like to be alive!”

I walked into the Speedway that day expecting fun, fast cars, and extremely loud noises. Maybe a wreck and a sunburn too. I had no idea that NASCAR was about to change my life.

And it did. NASCAR changed my life. (Figuratively speaking)

1. It reminded me to do what makes me feel alive.

2. It reminded me how much I love to be surrounded by people who are passionate.

3. It reminded me of what it truly means to be courageous.

4. It reminded me of my own passion, dedication, and courage.

5. It reminded me to go after what you want. What you truly desire. What you feel within you is for you. Despite what any other person thinks, what society tells you, how much time it would take, or how last-minute it is. Just go the eff after it. Boldly. Courageously.

Take the wheel and drive.

It’s your car. Your road. Your journey. No one else can drive that car but you.

There are going to be so many factors that determine our time on the course. Along the way, we will have to make those pit stops in order to make adjustments. It could be the smallest little adjustment that could have such a large effect on our experience, our performance, our results. It’s also important to have a team that works for our greater good, to rely on our pit crew and listen to our spotter, for they see everything that we can’t. Through your intuition, your deep connection with the Universe and your own spiritual team, you will be guided and helped. Be sure to listen and trust.

And let us not forget about the importance of our own mastery of our craft. Not only does it take courage and willingness, perseverance, and knowledge… it also takes skilled action. It is because of our skill that we will be able to navigate through debris spread along the road. It is because of our skill that we will be able to avoid damaging crashes and guard ourselves from being taken out by others on the path. It is because of our skill (our innate talents and gifts) that we will be able to continue driving our way through life to our desired destination.

And isn’t that what we all want in the end? To actually live our greatest dreams? To finally arrive at our destination?

I sure think so.

So, the next time you’re feeling that “go, go, go” mentality tugging away at you, consciously get away from it, even if only for a day. Who knows – you could learn some pretty cool lessons along the way. And maybe see a wreck and get a sunburn too :)

Thanks for the unexpected life lessons, NASCAR.


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