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Opening Your Heart Again: Uncharted Territory

Learning to Love Again

Learning to love again is exactly that – learning. Whether it was after a heartbreak or the decision to just take some time to yourself, the process of opening your heart again is TOUGH. You learn how you handle vulnerability, trust, acceptance, faith. You leap, hoping the net will appear, half the time enjoying the free fall, and half the time wishing you had never jumped.

Because it is – it’s a free fall.

And it’s scary and invigorating all at the same time.

But you fall and all the while, your heart remains unzipped, unbuckled.

When you’re learning to love and learning to trust again, everything is new. Unfamiliar. Uncharted territory. And you try to navigate your way each day. Each moment. You try to steer your way into safe waters where everything is clear and smooth and seen. But the choppy waters always appear again, don’t they? And no matter how hard you try to steer, there’s only so much you can control about nature. So, the water carries you.

And that’s just how it goes with learning to open up and love and trust again. You have to let the water take you. You have to just let it carry you.

Because the truth is, you know how to swim – you have for a while now.

The hardest part is allowing yourself to be taken by that water. To be picked up by it. Trusting in its course as you move into the unknown.

Invest in yourself today. Let’s work together.


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