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My First Activewear Haul | Fitness Fashion

My First Activewear Haul | ChelseaDinen.com

If you follow me over on Instagram or Snapchat (ChelseaDinen) then you know about the new health/wellness goals I’ve set for myself, including a bit of a lifestyle change. Over the past few months, this has really started to grow into a passion of mine so today I wanted to share something fun with you: My first activewear haul!

I am all about a good sale and finding quality products that help support my new goals.

Since I now go to the gym 5-6 days a week, I wanted to add a few new pieces to my activewear wardrobe!

My life philosophy is to work hard and be deliberate about living a healthy life – mind, body, and soul. So, I decided to start a new segment over on my YouTube channel (be sure to subscribe here if you haven’t already!)

In this video, I:
1. Tell you what this new segment will be!
2. Show you what I purchased and where!
3. Share the links to everything I bought, in case you want to treat yourself! (click on the actual YouTube link below for this!)

Or watch directly on YouTube here!

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