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Celebrating the Holidays in Minimalist Style

Celebrating the holidays in minimalist style | ChelseaDinen.com

Over the last three years or so, I have thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the holidays as a minimalist.

My journey into minimalism has deepened with each year and I’ve seen the meaning of the holiday season deepen as well, as I focus less on superfluous ‘stuff’ and more on living with intention. Simplifying my holiday season has brought more time and energy to genuinely enjoy the small celebrations of the season.

Where there once was stress and overwhelm, now there is ease, relaxation, and joy.

As you may know by now, as a minimalist, I choose all facets of my life with intention — from what I eat and wear, to what I consume, buy, and even put on my holiday wish list :)

These days, my wish lists are short and simple.

Generally, I ask for:

  • a book or two about a topic I’m learning about
  • a health/beauty item I’ve had my eye on
  • something beautiful and unique to add to my home. (If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how intentionally designing my home is a passion of mine.)

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Celebrating the Holidays in Minimalist Style | ChelseaDinen.com

And then I found SNOWE (http://snowehome.com) a home brand, on a mission to simplify the experience of shopping for the home by providing the perfect, luxury-quality products at attainable prices. Their home essentials are thoughtfully designed to be exceptional and practical, using the best materials in the world.

Having moved cross country 5 times in 5 years and spending a good portion of 2016 traveling, I admit, I didn’t have much in my home for entertaining. With the holiday season quickly approaching, I wanted something minimalistic in design, yet high quality and versatile.

I opted for their cheese board set in a beautiful oxidized walnut and crystallized glass flutes. Continue Reading

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