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    My Top Personal Development Books to Read This Year

    My Top Personal Development Books to Read This Year | ChelseaDinen.com

    Life is a never-ending pursuit of knowledge and growth. And one of my favorite ways to learn, is to read. In this post, I’m telling you my top personal development books to read this year.

    Growing up with a mom who was a total bookworm, I spent a lot of my younger years exploring the aisles of libraries and meandering along the bookshelves in Borders (rest in peace) and Barnes & Noble. And in my pre-teen years, I would always find myself exploring what used to be called the ‘Self-Help’ section.

    Fast forward a decade and it’s no wonder I became a Certified Life Coach and started a personal development business! My love for personal development books only grows with time.

    As part of my Miracle Morning routine, I’ve been spending a good amount of time dedicated to reading more. That’s one of the things I love most about having a specific morning routine; you can absolutely guarantee that you will accomplish those things. For example, since reading is part of The Miracle Morning, every day, I spend a dedicated amount of time to reading.

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    So, with all the reading I’ve been doing lately, I wanted to point out my favorite books thus far this year.

    These are the books that have really changed my life and have given me a solid foundation moving forward. They are each jam-packed with knowledge, research, and clear steps to guide the reader toward what to do next.

    In this video, I give you a synopsis of each book and share my favorite quote from each!

    Without further ado, enjoy this video!

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