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What to do when you're stressed out about moving | ChelseaDinen.com

What to Do When You’re Stressed Out About Moving

  As I prepare for my own cross country move (the fifth one to be exact!), I’m reminded of the stress and overwhelm that comes along with it. I know how intimidating moving cross country can be, especially when…

Going Out West | ChelseaDinen.com
Moving Travel + Wanderlust

Going Out West

When you read this, I’ll be on my way out to the Wild West (and Pacific Northwest) where my spirit roams free. There are reasons that explain why some of us are more attracted to certain cities and areas — our…

Moving Travel + Wanderlust

8 Tips From My Last Cross Country Move

Update: My eCourse, Soul-Centered Moving: A Spirited Course in Moving Cross Country Alone is now available! In this self-paced course, I go into great detail about ALL facets of moving and divulge many of my personal experiences, step-by-step advice,…

Why being scared to relocate isn't such a bad thing | ChelseaDinen.com

Why Being Scared to Relocate Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

So, you’re pretty scared to relocate and move to a new city, huh? Rightfully so. I get that. The truth is, the fear never goes away. I’ve moved cross country five times and each time I started to think about…

Why I left California | ChelseaDinen.com

Why I Left California

It’s the question I get asked nonstop. “How could you leave San Diego?” And you’ve probably been wondering too. So, it’s time to explain why I left California. Two years ago, I was “living the life” in San Diego. I…