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Feel the Fullness of the Present Moment

Feel the fullness of the present moment | ChelseaDinen.com

Stop. Breathe. Feel the fullness of this very moment in your life. Know that you are loved, seen, and supported by the Universe.

There is so much comfort in that.

I used to be the girl that got so stuck in the past and so caught up in the ‘what ifs’ of the future that I never, ever enjoyed the present moment because I was never IN the present moment. My focus was all wrong and my life and consciousness was all out of whack.

I think about my state of mind back then and my state of mind now. I think about the joy that I feel in my life in this moment. The gratitude. Healing. Peace. Bliss.

I never felt those things before and it’s because I never allowed myself to experience them.

Instead, I was worried about a toxic relationship that ended or scared out of my mind about what was going to happen – Would I score my dream job? Is he going to leave me? What is my mom going to think? Instead of being at peace with what IS, I was all distraught about everything outside of the NOW. It was a recipe and mindset for disaster.

Feel the fullness of the present moment.

Feel the gratitude for what IS.

By doing this, you will feel more joy, happiness, and bliss in your life now than ever before.

When we live in the moment, we start to see all the little things that make this life beautiful. And, by shifting our focus to gratitude, we welcome more of the good into our life. That’s how the Law of Attraction works. Focus on the now. The good. The love.

See something like a rainy day as a nourishing blessing for the nature around us. Suddenly, shifting our perspective can turn something we normally would see as negative (like a rainy day, or a break-up, or a job loss) into something so positive we can’t help but smile.


It has amazed me how much happiness has multiplied in my life by making this simple but monumental shift in my mindset and perspective.

Imagine me now, running outside into the rain with my arms in the air, singing, “And here’s some rain for the beautiful flowers, and the beautiful trees, and clean water for the animals to drink and bathe in!” :)

Although I don’t actually do that (yet), the joy in my life truly multiplies when I take a moment to center myself in the now and hold gratitude for what IS.

The beautiful thing is, you can experience this too.

Suddenly, you will start to notice the good flowing into your life. Stop worrying about the past or the future. Focus your attention and intentions on this very moment. The doors will open. The right people will find you. Career opportunities will float in. Music will sound even better. All the traffic lights will turn green. Even the rainy days will be beautiful. The imperfections and misfortunes of your life will fade away as the good things step into the spotlight.

All it takes is a commitment to just live in the moment.

Who’s with me? If you’re committed to trying this, shifting your perspective, holding gratitude for what IS, leave a comment below letting me know. Together we will hold each other accountable (and who knows, maybe change the world?)

Love, light, and gratitude is being sent your way.



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