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My Year in Review 2017 | ChelseaDinen.com
Personal Development

My 2017 Year in Review

I’m really not a big fan of the New Year and all of the festivities. I feel a sense of pressure and overwhelm as the end of the year approaches. I do appreciate the feeling of a fresh canvas…

Must-Read Books for Girlbosses | ChelseaDinen.com
Personal Development

Must-Read Books for Girlbosses

Over the years, I have read many books on business and being an entrepreneur. While I have many favorites, I narrowed it down to the top 4 books I’d recommend to girlbosses, boss babes, and female entrepreneurs. Get ready…

Self-Love and Self-Acceptance | ChelseaDinen.com
Personal Development

Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

This post is on a topic that’s been weighing on me heavily: Self-love and self-acceptance. More specifically, it addresses the importance of: Loving ourselves even when the world around us doesn’t. When we are not accepted by our loved…