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A Helpful Spiritual Practice for Life Transitions | ChelseaDinen.com

A Helpful Spiritual Practice for Life Transitions

I’ve been feeling called to share this message. Throughout my five cross country moves, as well as any life transition I’ve gone through, there’s a certain spiritual practice I have found to be key. I recently shared my first…

We must be willing to change | ChelseaDinen.com

Your Life Changes When You Change

  I know for a fact that words will not be enough to describe my experience in New York City last week, and so I’ve decided to save that post for another time, once things have been processed and…

My Morning Routine | ChelseaDinen.com

My Morning Routine: Spring 2015

Mornings are so important. How we begin the day sets a foundation for the productivity of the rest of our day. This is why establishing a morning routine is vital for our personal growth and spiritual development. As an…


Meditation: Find Yourself through Music

I believe meditation and relaxation are a personal journey that we each embark on throughout life. As we grow into deeper self-awareness, and desire to grow more fully connected spiritually, our desire to be more fully aligned, in-tune, relaxed, in…