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What Happened When I Stopped The Miracle Morning

What Happened When I Stopped The Miracle Morning | ChelseaDinen.com

As someone who works in the personal development field, I am constantly researching and finding new ways to up-level and continue to improve my overall health — mind, body, and soul. Part of that experimenting was committing myself to 30 days of The Miracle Morning and then to see what happened when I stopped doing The Miracle Morning.

If you’re not familiar with The Miracle Morning, it’s a book written by Hal Elrod about a 6-step morning routine designed to help you start your day with increased productivity, happiness, and fulfillment.

You can read all about my very first week doing The Miracle Morning here and watch the video of my results after committing to 30 days of The Miracle Morning here.

What Happened When I Stopped The Miracle Morning | ChelseaDinen.com

After 30 days straight of waking up between 4:30-5:30am every morning and completing each of the Life S.A.V.E.R.S. (the six different steps that make up the routine) I stopped. I would do The Miracle Morning occasionally, or do a few of the six steps, but I stopped committing to it every day.

The results I saw? Well, I’m about to break it down for you in the video below.

Also, I’m going to be re-committing to doing The Miracle Morning, and I decided to do a group challenge over on Instagram for anyone to join along with me!

We begin on Monday, June 12th! Follow me on Instagram @chelseadinen to get all the details!

If you haven’t already, please go subscribe to my YouTube channel! I post a bunch of videos to help you with intentional living, goal setting, and conquering your fears! I’ve started sharing more of my experiences with The Miracle Morning in my videos too.

For more, follow along on Instagram.

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