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The Art of Hygge

The Art of Hygge | ChelseaDinen.com
Today, I’m finally introducing you to something that is very important to me; hygge. Hygge is a way of life in Denmark that goes back many, many years. Recently, it’s been making its way around the world as people discover what exactly hygge is, how to do it, and why it’s so enjoyable.

Introducing hygge to my own lifestyle has increased my happiness, my fulfillment, and my overall joy. Before I explain exactly what hygge is, here is a little backstory about why it has played such a big part in my life over the past couple years:

In 2012, I lost my mom suddenly while I was in the midst of overcoming another loss. I knew that I could let the pain destroy me and turn to countless unhealthy ways of numbing it all or I could conquer the pain by walking directly through it. I chose to walk directly through. Through all of that plus moving cross country multiple times and starting my own business, I knew that my self-care was critical moving forward. It was a non-negotiable for my well-being. Caring for my mind, body, and soul became my highest priority.

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This is when I began my ‘Slow Living Sunday,” the time where I lit candles, journaled, grabbed a blanket and my favorite classical music or rain sounds. This practice alone, because of the way it made me feel, brought me more happiness, joy, and intention than ever before. Well… soon after, I learned of ‘hygge’ and everything magically connected. Hygge has become a part of my daily routine ever since.

It has changed my life and, ultimately, it has been my feeling of comfort and home throughout several trying years. Hygge is now the cornerstone of my life!

In my video, I explain exactly what hygge is and how to incorporate it into your life!

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    October 3, 2017 at 8:38 AM

    I love this concept. I just discovered it just recently. Great overview!

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