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Your Life Changes When You Change


We must be willing to change | ChelseaDinen.com

I know for a fact that words will not be enough to describe my experience in New York City last week, and so I’ve decided to save that post for another time, once things have been processed and settled. New York City broke me open, to say the least. It was the most vulnerable, most spiritual, most in-tune, and most on-edge I have quite possibly ever been.

I remember sitting in Central Park on my last day there, not wanting to leave. Not wanting to get up from that boulder in the middle of the Big Apple. I was mesmerized and moved.

I had been to NYC many times before, through many different phases of my life but never had the city spoken to me the way it did that week. The reason I headed to Manhattan was to attend the Spirit Junkie Masterclass taught by one of my dear spiritual teachers, Gabby Bernstein. That weekend, I completed my training with Gabby and my other beautiful Spirit Junkie sisters and brothers who are walking this journey as light workers.

It was powerful.
And intense.
And emotional.
And transformational beyond words.
I arrived in NYC as one woman, and left completely changed.
I had stepped deeper into my Truth and into my spiritual connection with Source.

As I was broken open, I saw the pieces of me that needed to be healed as well as the pieces of me that needed to be brought out into the light to shine.

I embraced my flaws – in life, in love, in business – and saw how they were actually miraculous gifts given to me to heal and then serve others through that healing.

I knew in NYC, that I was on the brink of something big; something truly life-changing. My life had the potential to change massively, if I allowed it to. If I nurtured it. And if I went home, gracefully yet fiercely doing all the work it would take to change my life for the better.

So, here is my commitment to myself and these changes. Some of them are things you will see first-hand in my blog, on social media, and in my business. Others are things you may see if you know me on a more personal level:

1. To deepen my spiritual connection:
Looking back, I see now how I was allowing myself to be put in situations where I couldn’t show up 100% as myself. I wasn’t honoring myself and that’s because my spiritual foundation was off. Gabby said:

“Anything you put before your spiritual practice, you will lose”

and I can so fully see the truth in that. Although my spiritual connection has always been important to me, it’s time to make it my priority. In a world where we so often just go through the motions, it’s time to stop that and live in a more conscious state of mind. Finding time to connect every single day is a must! I’m going to deeply integrate more writing, journaling, prayer, and meditation into my day-to-day life. I have fallen in love with some of the meditations Gabby took us through during Spirit Junkie Masterclass and will be using some of those to help keep me centered, grounded, and connected.

2. To consciously be authentic:
Although authenticity is hugely one of my core values, I’ve noticed there’s been a disconnect with how consciously I’m showing up authentically. Moving forward, I want and need to bring 100% of my full self into every life experience. This means no longer playing small in my business, no longer staying in relationships and friendships where, for whatever reason, I don’t feel I can bring in every attribute of my Truth, and to be unapologetically me by removing the filter. So, you might see/hear more curse words from me – it’s how I authentically express myself and I’m done holding my tongue :)

3. To bring spirituality to the forefront of my business:
My belief that the Universe always has my back is what gets me through everyday. Life is hard. It can be extremely difficult. I would not be who or where I am today had I not experienced the traumas and losses that I did BUT I would also not be who or where I am today if I did not have my faith in the Universe to support and guide me. So, moving forward, it is vital for me to bring more of my spirituality into the work that I do. This means, you’ll be reading more about my spiritual practice here and my coaching will become more spirit-focused.

4. To create:
Getting my eBook(s) launched, creating an online program, sharing more of my cross country journeys, etc. Writing is one of my deepest passions and innate gifts and I am looking forward to spending more time with my creative outlets, releasing the messages that flow through me and connecting with so many of you. This also means I will be posting here on the blog more often (maybe even twice a week?) SO, if you have any questions for me, now is the time to ask! Leave your questions in the comments below or send me an email – hello@chelseadinen.com


A big part of what this whole experience has taught me is to honor the shifts in life. To allow transformation and transition to occur when it is divinely meant to instead of resisting or pushing back. Change is not easy, but I so fully believe that in order to learn from the lessons being handed to us and grow into the people we are meant to be, we must be willing to change. Being willing is the first step. And therefore:

“Your life changes when you change.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this way before. Gabby’s Masterclass truly did change me. For the better. And I couldn’t be happier to see where life goes next. It’s about to get really, really good.

Questions? Let me know!

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